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I engaged KB Consulting for career-guidance and school admissions services for my son in Primary 6.  

Aaditya and his team were able to help us understand the pathways available to my son as an upcoming PSLE candidate, highlighting the pros and cons of each pathway given my son's profile. I was very impressed by Aaditya's ability to engage with my son. He was able to conduct a session at our convenience where he spent time to understand my son's background and goals before developing a plan of action for my son to follow. My son even put up the pointers given by aaditya on his board for regular reference and was very motivated after. I found Aaditya's sharing to be insightful and engaging. 

My wife and I are extremely pleased with KB Consulting's services and recommend it to parents who have similar queries with their children's educational / career paths.​ 

We feel Aaditya’s own experiences have helped him understand the system better and he is able to understand a students requirements / dilemma a lot better and guide them accordingly

Anuj Goel,

Parent of Reenay Goel, 11.

My experience with KB Consulting was great! The team was very helpful and professional. They re-formatted my resume entirely and made it look more professional and organised to display my strengths and achievements better.

I am really grateful to Raj and Aaditya who took out time for me at such a short notice and helped me prepare for my interviews. With their help, I applied for internship positions in Singapore with confidence and even received an offer from PwC Singapore within 4 days of my interview!

I would really recommend their commendable services. Thank you KB Consulting!

Vasundhara Arora

Nanyang Technological University '22

My experience with KB Consulting could not have been better working with Aaditya.  He was knowledgable, friendly and professional. As a fresh IB graduate (Nov 2020), I was rather uncertain with the pathways available to me. Aaditya and his team were able to help me understand my options better. The initial timeline plan that was created for me, allowed an organised and structured beginning to the application process.

Multiple in-depth conversations and advices, provided by Aaditya and his team showed their initiative and integrity. The guidance that was provided to me through profile building and the essay writing process delivered comprehensive details on the complicated university application process. I truly feel that they have allowed me to come up with a strong profile for the 2021 admission cycle.

Having access to such guidance at this price point has been really helpful to me and I would highly recommend KB consulting to other students.

Riya Sanjeev, 

ACS (International) '20

We recently engaged KB Consulting for career guidance for my son Anirvan who is currently studying in JC1. KB Consulting is a young company with in-depth knowledge represented by dedicated young consultants.

We were represented by Aaditya who himself is a young and dynamic person with an entrepreneurial mindset. He is very professional in his approach who discussed in length on the subjects and field that my son should select based on his interest, choice of University available to him both in Singapore and overseas and how he should build his profile with credentials, grades and other educational qualification so he has a better chance when applying to universities.

We were very satisfied with the session and had a clear understanding on how to move forward, Aaditya was able to answer all our queries patiently, backed with examples and statistics.

We will definitely recommend KB Consulting to any student applying to Universities in coming years. Believe me as a parent, a good counsellor is very important for your child's career and university selection, Aaditya and team will be my first choice.

Amit Dalmia,

Parent of Anirvan Dalmia, 17

KB Consulting has a supportive and dedicated team that are committed to helping students like me address concerns regarding their tertiary education. I, personally, sat down with Aaditya, in order to understand more about university applications and the options available to me. He spent valuable time listening to my requirements and then proactively recommended various pathways I can consider (for both local and overseas universities). Additionally, he even suggested ways to boost my portfolio which I found to be impressive. 

Aaditya's team was very professional and I am extremely pleased by their services.

Param Srinivasan,

Victoria Junior College '19

Nanyang Technological University - Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) Scholar

I had an excellent experience with KB Consulting working with Aaditya. He was extremely professional and understanding of my situation. Aaditya was able to help me understand the processes in a simple manner and crafted a plan for me to follow. He's got a fantastic team and I was shocked by how well-planned everything was. Most importantly, I was able to get an efficient solution within my budget.

Nikhil Venkadesh, Security Trooper

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