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Mentorship to tackle the admissions processes

The lack of relevant and pertinent information and resources can hinder students' applications. Furthermore, as deadlines to competitive University applications draw closer, students tend to be overwhelmed by their commitments and may find it challenging to balance their commitments and applications.

Our team helps guide students towards the right courses and programmes offered by universities alongside ensuring students submit competitive applications. We are with you from start to finish - making sure you evaluate your options, ace your interviews and make an informed decision about the University you will be attending.

Our Consulting team comprises of students that have received acceptances from renowned Singaporean Universities like Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Management University (SMU).

We are confident that we can help you choose a pathway in university that empowers you to achieve your goals- even if you have absolutely no clue where to begin.  

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The process explained

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We evaluate your profile, strengths and interests. This includes all past education and internship details, hobbies, accolades, background etc.


We explore the different higher education pathways available to you, filtering your options based on factors like courses, college culture and your educational background.


We work with you to put your best foot forward to the universities you choose to apply. We help you with recommendation letters, resumes, essays and even interview preparation for highly-selective courses.


After a successful round of applications, we support you in your decision-making process. Remaining cognisant of your priorities and interests, we evaluate your options based on factors like industry-specific opportunities, income and most importantly, your fit.


Singapore University Applications: Testimonials

KB Consulting has a supportive and dedicated team that are committed to helping students like me address concerns regarding their tertiary education. I, personally, sat down with Aaditya, in order to understand more about university applications and the options available to me. He spent valuable time listening to my requirements and then proactively recommended various pathways I can consider (for both local and overseas universities). Additionally, he even suggested ways to boost my portfolio which I found to be impressive. 

Aaditya's team was very professional and I am extremely pleased by their services.

Param Srinivasan,

Victoria Junior College class of 2019

Nanyang Technological University - Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) Scholar

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