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Expert guidance to having a fruitful NS journey

National Service is a key part of Singaporean culture. Many, however, are overwhelmed by the change from civilian to Military/Service life.

Our team aims to help parents and servicemen understand crucial processes and evaluate pathways best suited to them.

Our team of experts have experienced vastly different training and vocations that allow us to have a better understanding of the system. NSFs can leverage on up-to-date information which will be invaluable when it comes to navigating their own NS journeys. 

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Navigating National Service (NS): Testimonials

I had an excellent experience with KB Consulting working with Aaditya. He was extremely professional and understanding of my situation. Aaditya was able to help me understand the processes in a simple manner and crafted a plan for me to follow. He's got a fantastic team and I was shocked by how well-planned everything was. Most importantly, I was able to get an efficient solution within my budget.

Nikhil Venkadesh, Security Trooper 

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