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Take a proven pathway to your dream school

Applying to some of the world's most competitive universities can be daunting as acceptance rates continue decreasing. Our team is well-versed with the norms of applications to the UK and can help you strategise your application to your dream school! 

Our consultants help guide students towards the right courses and programmes offered by universities alongside ensuring students submit competitive applications through the UCAS portal. We are with you from start to finish - making sure you evaluate your options, ace your interviews and make an informed decision about the University you will be attending.

Our team has undergone the rigorous application process and is experienced to guide you in the right direction. Having successfully been admitted to institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, King's College, London School of Economics, University College London and Imperial College London, our consultants will guide you step-by-step to ensure you put your best foot forward!

We are confident that we can help you choose a pathway in university that empowers you to achieve your goals- even if you are unsure where to begin. 

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The process explained

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We evaluate your profile, strengths and interests. This includes all past education and internship details, hobbies, accolades, background etc.


We explore the different higher education pathways available to you, filtering your options based on factors like courses, college culture and your educational background.


We work with you to put your best foot forward to the universities you choose to apply. We help you with your recommendation letters, personal statement, resume and even interview preparation for highly-selective courses.


After a successful round of applications, we support you in your decision-making process. Remaining cognisant of your priorities and interests, we evaluate your options based on factors like industry-specific opportunities, income and most importantly, your fit.


UK University Applications: Testimonials

My experience with KB Consulting could not have been better working with Aaditya.  He was knowledgable, friendly and professional. As a fresh IB graduate (Nov 2020), I was rather uncertain with the pathways available to me. Aaditya and his team were able to help me understand my options better. The initial timeline plan that was created for me, allowed an organised and structured beginning to the application process.

Multiple in-depth conversations and advices, provided by Aaditya and his team showed their initiative and integrity. The guidance that was provided to me through profile building and the essay writing process delivered comprehensive details on the complicated university application process. I truly feel that they have allowed me to come up with a strong profile for the 2021 admission cycle.

Having access to such guidance at this price point has been really helpful to me and I would highly recommend KB consulting to other students.

Riya Sanjeev,

ACS (International) '20

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