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Career Guidance and Profile Building: Text
Guidance at every step

Make an informed and educated decision for your future!

Break free from the norm of 'keeping all doors open' for its time to pick a set of doors and find it’s keys.

As we come closer to graduating from High School, we realise that we need to pick a course of study that leads to a promising career. But you're confused if the course you are picking is right for you and whether you will be accepted into that course is a separate matter of concern.

We aim to solve this problem by showing you the opportunities that are currently available to you specifically based on factors such as your profile and education. After-which, we craft a custom game plan, just for you, and help you execute it. 

Particularly, we help with;

  • Quantitively identifying your areas of interest

  • Creating a road-map for your educational and/or career pathways

  • Presenting yourself concisely and professionally online and on-paper

  • Finding and preparing you for career opportunities - regardless of industry. 

Scroll down for a step by step breakdown of the process and contact us to learn more about our "star-service"​

Career Guidance and Profile Building: Service


The process explained

Career Guidance and Profile Building: Schedule


We evaluate your profile, your strengths and ambition. This includes all past education and internship details, hobbies, accolades, background etc.


We dive deep into the opportunities you are interested in as well as avenues where we feel you will prosper.
We chart out each profession's prerequisites, qualification requirements, income growth and most importantly, gauge your fit.


We pick a career and focus on the nitty-gritty like potential Universities, courses, internships and volunteer work. 
This allows you to build a profile and equip the skillset required to achieve your ambition


We work closely with you to execute your 'game-plan'. We help create a CV, apply to Universities/Courses and Internships, connect you with tutors and individuals currently working in the field you are keen on.


Career Guidance and Profile Building: Testimonials

I engaged KB Consulting for career-guidance and school admissions services for my son in Primary 6.  

Aaditya and his team were able to help us understand the pathways available to my son as an upcoming PSLE candidate, highlighting the pros and cons of each pathway given my son's profile. I was very impressed by Aaditya's ability to engage with my son. He was able to conduct a session at our convenience where he spent time to understand my son's background and goals before developing a plan of action for my son to follow. My son even put up the pointers given by aaditya on his board for regular reference and was very motivated after. I found Aaditya's sharing to be insightful and engaging. 

My wife and I are extremely pleased with KB Consulting's services and recommend it to parents who have similar queries with their children's educational / career paths.

We feel Aaditya’s own experiences have helped him understand the system better and he is able to understand a students requirements / dilemma a lot better and guide them accordingly

Anuj Goel,

Parent of Reenay Goel, 11.

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