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KB Consulting brings together individuals that have excelled in their fields so you can be mentored from the best. 
From Multi-Scholarship awardees and Ivy-Leaguers, National Sportsmen to decorated servicemen, we are highly qualified to help.



Founder and Head Consultant

Aaditya is an alumni of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). Completing his IBDP from ACS(I), Aaditya has gained experience through local and international internships, Model UN and community outreach work. 

As an expat, Aaditya often found himself in crossroads when making important decisions like school and course selection. Notably, it took him awhile to understand Singapore’s education system coming from Nepal. Whilst serving his NS, Aaditya experienced first hand how daunting and confusing the experience can be. Although he relied on his network of family and friends for advice, he found many more in his place without the right resources and ill informed. This has motivated him to start a unique venture that looks out for the best interest of Singaporean students.


Co-Founder and Consultant

Currently enrolled at the Singapore Management University (SMU), Minh graduated from ACS Independent in 2019. 

Every student is full of aspirations: "I want to attend university X; I want to become like person Y". While one is unsure of the next step, there is most definitely someone who has gone through the process and is where you want to be.

This is why Minh strongly believes in the vision of KB Consulting - where every junior student is empowered with the guidance of mentors who have achieved what they are dreaming of!

Raj Bhuva



Raj is an Associate Consultant at Mastercard Data & Services, working in the Washington, DC area. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in May 2020. He also pursued minors in Chemistry and Engineering Entrepreneurship.

At Penn, Raj was one of the five recipients of the Penn Alumni Student Award of Merit and has also won the Penn Engineering Exceptional Service Award. As an international student, Raj brings a unique perspective to the college admissions process as well as the job recruiting process, especially for the consulting industry. He strongly believes in mentorship and paying forward the insightful advice and guidance he received when applying to colleges, jobs, and other opportunities. Outside of work, Raj enjoys working out, watching sitcoms, learning about renewable energy and fintech, and playing Euchre



A Computer Science major at the highly selective, Swarthmore College, Sarthak graduated from the Overseas Family School (OFS) in Singapore.  

Sarthak served as a Sergeant in the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) during his NS. He has gained experience from multiple internships and holds qualifications in Machine Learning and Computer Vision.  Sarthak intends to make use of his experience to provide students with relevant insight and guide them towards success!

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Lucas is an incoming undergraduate at the University of Oxford reading Philosophy and Linguistics, having obtained his IB Diploma from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). Lucas served as a Trainer at Specialist Cadet School (SCS) during his National Service.

Proficient at building compelling application profiles, Lucas has received national accolades such as the Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence, SAF Young Leader Award and the MOE Pre-U scholarship. 

Lucas is a strong believer in mentorship. His mentees have been awarded top-tier scholarships, received placings at prestigious universities, and landed internship positions at bluechip companies. Currently serving as the Chief of Staff at a strategy consulting start-up, TalentKraft, Lucas is equipped with the know-how to conquer rigorous job application processes.

Lucas is excited to guide driven individuals to help them maximise their untapped potential -- you could be one of them!



Devishi graduated from Overseas Family School in Singapore with an IB diploma and is currently pursuing a degree in Medical Sciences (MBBS) at the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai, China. 

 Aside from Medicine, Devishi holds strong interests in Marketing and the higher-education industry with over 3 years of active experience under her belt.

Devishi has also done extensive research and understands the nuances of admissions processes and requirements. Her experience gives her incomparable insight when comparing colleges by region, course requirements and costs - to name a few.

Devishi looks forward to sharing her insights and experience - as a medical student, influencer and model -  to help others make informed and educated decisions with their educational and career paths!

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Sachika is an undergraduate at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) pursuing a degree in Finance, having graduated in 2019 from Victoria Junior College.

Sachika has a keen interest in finance and has had undertaken multiple internships within the industry. Through this, she has immensely benefited from the mentorship of people around her and hence looks forward to being able to use her experience to help students in need of guidance. 

Outside of school, she is an active volunteer and athlete. She is excited to work with motivated and driven individuals to help them in achieving their goals.



Armaan graduated from the St. Joseph's Institution after obtaining his IB Diploma and is a Penultimate Year, Law undergraduate at King’s College London. 

An ambitious individual, he has spent much time exploring this field through a series of work experiences, placing him in a suitable position to render appropriate advice. Having been accepted into some of the top Law schools in the United Kingdom, he is well-versed with the application process and well-positioned to advise on developing the ideal application.

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