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School Application

Take the right step toward your goals

Requirements and processes to enter some of the most competitive and selective schools can be overwhelming whilst trying to capitalise on the opportunities available in schools.

It can be a relief to have a tried and tested process to follow that gives students and parents the confidence they require to apply to such premier institutions. 

Our team - having graduated from such institutions - helps parents and students understand the dynamic admissions processes while ensuring students put their best foot forward when applying to a school of their choice. We help you pick the right pathways -through subjects, extracurriculars and projects - to make the most of your time in school.

We help our clients with;

  • Direct School Admissions for Secondary/Tertiary institutions

  • Admissions into highly-selective Private / International Schools 

  • Extra-Curricular(s) selection - as part of profile-building

  • Subject/Course selection

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Guidance for School: Testimonials

I engaged KB Consulting for career-guidance and school admissions services for my son in Primary 6.  

Aaditya and his team were able to help us understand the pathways available to my son as an upcoming PSLE candidate, highlighting the pros and cons of each pathway given my son's profile. I was very impressed by Aaditya's ability to engage with my son. He was able to conduct a session at our convenience where he spent time to understand my son's background and goals before developing a plan of action for my son to follow. My son even put up the pointers given by aaditya on his board for regular reference and was very motivated after. I found Aaditya's sharing to be insightful and engaging. 


My wife and I are extremely pleased with KB Consulting's services and recommend it to parents who have similar queries with their children's educational / career paths.​ 

We feel Aaditya’s own experiences have helped him understand the system better and he is able to understand a students requirements / dilemma a lot better and guide them accordingly

Anuj Goel,

Parent of Reenay Goel, 11.

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