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Deep Dive into JC | Victoria Junior College Edition: The daunting prospect of joining a new CCA

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

It's about how much you want it.

Today, we will have a chat with Param to see get an insights into what his experience is like in Victoria Junior College (VJC)


How did you decide your subject combinations?

I chose the standard combination of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Economics. Honestly I had not much of a concrete idea as to what would I be doing in university so I figured PCME would be a safe choice.

How is the environment in VJC?

I was used to being spoon fed with information in secondary school so it was a bit of a culture shock in JC when I realised there was a lot of self-learning and self-teaching involved. It's definitely a competitive environment which pushes you to do your best but at the same time there is a friendly and nurturing culture that really allows you to enjoy every moment in VJ.


How would you describe your CCA experience?

I love my experience in hockey although I only joined in J2, which meant I was playing with teammates who have pretty much mastered the sport as they have been playing for a long time.

That must have been tough. How do you motivate yourself in a rather disadvantaged position?

Yes definitely it was difficult. However, being a sportsman myself since young, I was determined to not just come to a new CCA and sit on the sideline during games. This becomes an extra motivation for me to get into the first team. At the end of the day, it's about how much you want it.

Brilliant! How's the atmosphere when the games are going on?

It was electric! You can hear the chants from the VJ crowd and it just gives you that buzz to push yourself in the game.

Away from Victoria

What other activities did you engage in away from school?

I was volunteering for various student initiated projects that were held outside of school.

A year on, do you think you have had a successful experience in VJ?

I think as long as I have learned and grown as a person, I would categorise it as a successful experience. In the two years in Victoria, I definitely think I have grown a lot.

Finally, what is one advice for juniors to gain the most out of their time in Victoria?

Keep an open mind! Be willing to try out new activities and interact with people. Also, take the initiative in asking for help academic wise. I had to learn it quickly as no one is going to come to you and ask if you need any help with studying. Don't be afraid to ask your seniors and teachers for help.

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